Nike Airmax 720
Foot Locker Takeover

We launched the latest innovation in Nike Air, the Air Max 720, at Footlocker, London. We created a large scale piece of retail theatre that amplified the product proposition of “Go Bigger”.

Our approach to this: go big or go home... 

From consumer journey to concept, to design and production, our takeover brought to life one of Foot Locker’s biggest launch experiences in the EMEA region. From a pinnacle installation and film piece at the entrance, we used large metallic ducting to draw the consumer through the space and direct them to the basement activation.

It was here that we created an immersive experience by covering every surface with an iridescent layer, a nod to the metallic colour-way of the product. A series of installations, including a kinetic sculpture, infinity mirror room and a UV product story space, pulled the consumer on the journey through the product world of the 720. We went BIG!

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