Nike Russia: House of Innovation

The event would attract a large number
of guests, and due to the high number of traffic,
our challenge was to design a premium space
that would feel both personal and seamless.
In addition, we needed to maximise retail sales
and create various zones that would
inspire social media coverage.

In early 2015, as part of the global NTC tour,
HarrimanSteel was approached by the Nike Russia team
to produce an original design concept for it's very own
House of Innovation.

This two-storey temporary brand experience and retail space,
on the edges of Moscow's infamous Gorky Park,
needed to host a wide range of participants, from professional
athletes and bloggers, to shoppers and media professionals.

In addition, it needed to function as a multi-purpose space,
featuring a pop-up retail floor, a VIP lounge,
and an exclusive ‘Nike Real Girls’ space with a nail bar,
photo area and café space.

'Focusing on a high level of detailing

and patterns, and using layering'

Taking inspiration from the Nike product itself, we chose
to use monochrome technical materials and fabrics
for all bespoke fixtures, focusing on a high level
of detailing and patterns, and using layering to exaggerate
the transparency of materials.

To allow the product to shine through, we chose concrete
and monochrome as a minimalist base to create a premium
aesthetic for the entire ground floor which acted
as a dedicated pop-up retail space.

We used transparencies, diffusers and semi-opaque materials
in the fabrication of displays to create a feeling of space,
and this also served to maintain the ability to divide the space
into numerous product zones, as required.

For the catering areas and nail bars, we used atmospheric
lighting and bold graphics, whilst continuing the base
palette of the ground floor throughout.

These were all designed with social media

in mind, and each area included visual cues

to encourage and inspire interaction,

photography and sharing.

Over 10 days:
44.3k visits
835 bra fittings
1500 action photos for social
2500 customisation trials
8000 nail bar sessions
$109k in revenue (USD)

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