Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo
EMEA Intersport Campaign

For the EMEA launch of Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo we developed a mobile-driven campaign for retailer Intersport. This purpose of this campaign was to launch the product and establish the retailer as a brand that serves the consumer through expert advice and product validation.

Through our research and insights, we understood that the running community want to hear from their peers - other runners, not brands. Authentic validation is key.

To do this, we found and partnered with Team GB ultra-marathon runner and online influencer, Lee Grantham (aka Coach Lee). We harnessed his authentic voice on product and running, to shift the dial from from brand-to-consumer, to runner-to-runner.

Using an integrated production approach, we produced a suite of content to be used across .com, paid and social media, including product films with bespoke animations, product reviews and testimony from Coach Lee. 

We also created a grass roots social campaign, that brought together 100 core runners. Each runner had exclusive access to pre-trial the product, in return for their personal review and testimonials which they posted on their social accounts, using the hashtag #intersporttestlab The result were hundreds of posts, featuring peer-to-peer validation of the product benefits.

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