Patagonia 360 City Takeover

Patagonia identified a perception issue within Europe, their cult status did not allow them to tell their deeper environmental story. Our aim was to change that, by developing a campaign framework that shifted the perception amongst one of it's key demographics, the 20-30 year old young professional.

To do this we crafted a city take over campaign. Our thought was, let’s take their internal brand mission statement and make it public.

Starting with Shoreditch, London, we bought up every inch of media space within a 5 km radius and delivered the mission as a simple, bold statement. We then went big with large scale murals, billboards and posters, we made the message undeniable to ensure maximum visibility.

To further amplify the message, we created a series of activations in the area, to engage directly with the consumer, allowing for deeper understanding of the mission. We produced a number of talks and a second-hand store, that saw record turnouts, sell out of product and significant social media coverage. The result was a successful campaign framework that has since been replicated in Berlin and is set to repeat in other key cities.

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