TOMS Changemaker Campaign
Stand for Respect

It’s no secret that mental health affects millions of people across the UK; 1 in 4 people report struggling with it at some point. Having a negative body image is widely recognised as one of the risk factors of mental health issues.

For the latest instalment of the TOMS changemaker campaign, Stand for Tomorrow, we spent the day with UK guitarist and song-writer James McVey of the Vamps, to talk about body image.

Together with TOMS and The Mix, the UK’s leading support service for young people, James wants to open up a dialogue about body positivity and break down the stigma that is effecting so many young people today.

Part of James’ job is to be in the spotlight, constantly in the public eye and under scrutiny. We took him off the stage and onto the streets to capture him in a more intimate and tender light, at home in East London and his private rehearsal space.

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