TOMS Changemakers
EMEA Campaign

Purpose is at the heart of the business model for disruptive one-for-one shoe brand TOMS. With a new initiative that celebrates local Changemakers, we made a series of films that told their stories.

Our goal was to educate new audiences and connect them with the brand. We conceptualise and produce an series of ongoing short film works and photoshoots showcasing the artists and charities, NGO's and groups they partner with.

For this initial launch, we captured a day in the life of two Changemakers. The first centred around hairdresser for the homeless and founder of social movement @DoSomethingForNothing, Joshua Combes. The second told the story of Sarah Nuru, founder of nuruCoffee, told the story of connecting communities with Ethiopian culture and supporting independent coffee farmers. The resulting films show the real impact of TOMS Changemakers on the ground, making a difference.

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