TOMS Stand for Respect
EMEA Campaign

For the next instalment of our rolling TOMS changemakers campaign, Stand for Tomorrow, we took to the streets of Paris with influencer group the Gucci Gang.

Founders of the Safe Place platform, the Gucci Gang are dedicated to providing a digital space where young people can express themselves without judgement.

This season they are teaming up with TOMS to take a Stand for Respect, shining a light on youth domestic abuse in France.

Wherever they go the Gang bring their own blend of energy and personality. We captured them on their home turf of Paris, where they opened up, relaxed and gave us their most authentic selves.

The educational videos are provocative and confronting, and they’re calling on people to stand up for change. It was important to us that their personal commitment to these issues shone through. Because it’s all about their journey - in their shoes

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