A unique conversation for the Nike audience
Blazer. Yours To Be Worn.
Art Direction
Content Creation
Social / Digital Content
Integrated Production
The challenge
To continue the Nike Sportswear Blazer campaign story for the nike.com and sportswear audience with stylist Imruh Asha.
The aim
To create a personal connection with our audience through an 'in conversation' approach and 'access all areas' content.
The how
A campaign extension that hinged on the inner workings of the protaginist's styling process, seeing a real masterclass in action.

With the successful launch of the Nike Sportswear Blazer campaign called “Style-Out”, we were challenged to continue the story with the creation of 4 pieces of AV content, featuring Imruh Asha, walking us through the Style-out experience with tips and tricks. The content was created for Nike social channels and featured across Nike Sportswear, .com, Nike app with exclusive CRM loyalty campaign membership benefits.