Reinvigorating the original Wool Classics
Comfortable In Your Shoes
Creative Strategy
Campaign Conception
Digital & Social
Influencer Activation
The challenge
Celebrating and reviving the Allbirds Wool Classics, once dubbed ‘the world’s most comfortable shoes’.
The aim
To create a visual love letter to the brand’s most loyal, longtime customers, who buy shoes to last, and to live in.
The how
Keeping their customers at the heart of the campaign, we tapped into Allbirds’ inherent confidence to always tread its own unique path.

It’s been seven years since cult-favourite, sustainable sneaker brand, Allbirds first launched with a single product: the Wool Runner. Made with breathable, temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking wool from ethically-raised New Zealand sheep, it was touted as ‘the world’s most comfortable sneaker’. To celebrate the iconic Wool Runner and two of its other classic sneaker styles, Allbirds tasked HarrimanSteel with creating a visual love letter to the brand’s most loyal, longtime customers, who buy shoes to last, and to live in.


Our creative concept for the campaign, ‘Comfortable In Your Shoes’, stems from the inherent Allbirds confidence to tread its own unique path – an attitude shared both by its founders and its wearers, of many shapes and shoe sizes. With this in mind, our latest campaign with the brand takes an intentional step away from targeting social media’s shoe-stockpiling sneakerheads, and addresses the ‘woolheads’ instead: a diverse cast of characters of all ages, comfortable with who they are and what they wear.


As consumers face more pressure than ever to shop sustainably and invest in longevity, Allbirds’ Wool Classics are shoes for any occasion, as we wanted our campaign to highlight. From rocking out on the sofa with your parent (or your kid), to acing that video meeting or walking your dog, this is a campaign for those for whom comfort comes first – and whose sense of style is timeless, rather than trend-led.

With just two months to come up with a concept and deliver the finished campaign across social media, website, in-store, influencer activation, CRM and OOH, the HS creative team worked round the clock to design unique visuals and copy that would capture the easy-going essence of Allbirds’ classic designs, while giving them a seasonal refresh at the same time.  

Teaming up with HALAL, an Amsterdam-based film production company and photography agency, we commissioned British fashion and documentary photographer, Theo Cottle, to create a series of vibrant, colour-rich images, each one depicting an impromptu, improvisational scene from everyday life. 

Keeping Allbirds’ existing customers at the heart of the campaign, HarrimanSteel wove in quotes from the sneaker brand’s loyal fans, sourced from product reviews on the Allbirds website.

From the outset, we knew we wanted a bright, playful campaign that communicated the unparalleled comfort of Allbirds’ Wool Classics and captured our brand’s tone of voice – and after working with HarrimanSteel once before, we immediately knew they were the right team for the task. We can’t wait to see the campaign on billboards across the United States.

– Allbirds