Celebrating the everyday heroes of 2021
Earner Appreciation
Creative Strategy
Content Creation
Campaign Toolkit
The challenge
Showing genuine gratitude to Uber drivers and couriers; recognising their efforts in 2021.
The aim
To create a bold and simple narrative that was genuine and meaningful to every single driver and courier, building upon the ‘Everyday Giants’ platform.
The how
By heroing and rewarding the extraordinary drivers and couriers; sharing how they went above and beyond what was expected of them.

HarrimanSteel has continued its journey with Uber to help shift the way the company communicates with its earners. The aim of this project was to show appreciation in a visible and impactful way. It needed to have a bold and simple narrative that was genuine and meaningful to every single earner – all drivers and couriers. The brief was to humanise the earners and simultaneously create a framework that could evolve every year while linking-in the 2020 #EverydayGiants earner appreciation initiative.


In 2020, drivers and couriers took on the essential role of moving what matters. In 2021, as the world started opening up, they continued to go above and beyond what was expected of them, and proved that they were more than just drivers and couriers. Every earner has passions and interests. They bring something different to every rider's journey or delivery from simple, heartfelt interactions to bigger acts of kindness. In essence, every element of the earner's role – not just the A to B – is something to celebrate and something to say thank you for.


We wanted to show thanks to all Uber earners and decided to focus on highlighting ALL that earners do. We landed on a number of lighthearted descriptors that showed the breadth of the earners’ roles, linked with a ‘thank you’. After all, drivers and couriers are also halftime heroes. Snack kings. Karaoke queens. Relationship gurus. Storm navigators. This is what makes them Everyday Giants.

A launch film was created to highlight the breadth of these roles. We created a distinctive style that retained some elements of Uber Master Brand, but incorporated bold colours and a handwritten font to add humanity. Voiceovers from all the different types of riders and customers – from couples to kids – were used to add a playful tone when watching and listening to the film.

This film was the launchpad for the rest of the work which included CRM emails, in-app copy and push notifications, films about individual earners, a social campaign and a dedicated microsite.

CRM emails were sent to earners, riders and restaurants, and pushed the traditional Uber template into fun and engaging new territory. Copy succinctly celebrated the earners as Everyday Giants by highlighting all that they do. Riders and customers were encouraged to click through to a dedicated microsite which hosted individual earner stories and allowed riders and customers to nominate #EverydayGiants. Through this the Thank You was front and centre as the message.

Dominic, Tammy, and Sierra were the three earners who had their stories told as part of the work. Each was a natural choice out of hundreds of great options because of their compelling and heartwarming anecdotes which were teased out over numerous interviews. This included Dominic who helped his rider in a health emergency, Tammy who raised money to get food to healthcare workers on night shift, and Sierra, who shares spiritual wisdom and kind conversation with her riders.

The team did an amazing job bringing this to life. Thank you for all the hard work – it shined through in the work quality.

- Head of Global Product Marketing at Uber

Their stories were developed, and shoots in Maryland, Tennessee and New Jersey took place. The films created were cut to several different versions and lived on the dedicated microsite and Instagram, Twitter and YouTube (alongside the hashtag #EverydayGiants, which was also used in 2020). with All social pushed readers to the microsite to watch the full stories and nominate their own Everyday Giants. More than 300 nominations were received in the first 22 hours after the initial CRM was sent.

Next steps

The Everyday Giants initiative and mechanism will continue to grow globally throughout 2022, with launches in several other territories. The aim is to continue giving genuine thanks, highlighting all that earners do across the globe.

Everyday Giants 2021 was the next step in Uber’s exciting journey of communicating their appreciation of earners in an authentic way. Our goal at HarrimanSteel is to shift perceptions and show the genuine gratitude Uber has for drivers and delivery people, not just at the end of the year, but every single day.