ECD/Founder Nick Steel talks to Muse about his all-time favourite HS project.

One of our ECD/Founders, Nick Steel, recently spoke to Muse by Clio - a leading creative news site - about his all-time favourite HarrimanSteel project: developing a brand platform for Ni Nyampinga.

Celebrating it's ten year anniversary this year, Ni Nyampinga is a Rwandan brand run by young women, for young women. HarrimanSteel was brought onboard back in 2012 to help create a positive, inspiring, educational and entertaining multimedia editorial platform. By challenging perceptions and showcasing female role models, Ni Nyampinga would offer information and advice on education, sexual health and violence to teenage girls who couldn't access it elsewhere. 

In the article, Nick reflects on the many months he spent out in Rwanda, working with a local team to build a brand that has been so succesful that it is now more widely recognised than Coca-Cola.

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