Fix up, look sharp.

By Sylvan Hillebrand & Andrius Lekstutis, Creatives and t-shirt designing supremos:

"This year, we decided to make a selection of t-shirts instead of just one, like we did for last year's summer party. The reason for having a variety of designs was to get everyone on the team a bit more more involved in the design process.

To do this, we (cryptically) asked the team members to vote on a theme that represents them at work the best. We had three options: 'Creator' (to be represented by a spray can), 'Writer/Thinker' (to be represented by Clippy from Microsoft), and 'Manager' (to be represented by the thumbs-up emoji, capturing the "Yes man" attitude of satisfying clients and the team).

I then combined these symbols with bespoke typography to create a design that contrasts the playful overlay element."