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The challenge
Creating a powerful campaign piece heightening Davines’s cultural relevance while igniting important conversations around the role of Regenerative Organic Agriculture in the beauty industry.
The aim
Amplify the Davines brand. Produce an emotive and educational visual piece that would help simplify the story of ROA to reach and inspire new audiences.
The how
A collaboration with dancer Fanny Sage who choreographed and performed a dance in nature, for nature. A campaign film that spoke both to the fragile beauty of nature and to the vital role ROA can play in helping preserve this beauty.

Create one core idea that raises awareness around the issue of Regenerative Organic Agriculture (ROA) and puts sustainable beauty brand, Davines, squarely at the centre of it. Davines was keen to incorporate an artist collaboration into the Grow Beautiful campaign, to bring them more into the world of culture. Through this lens we needed to amplify the brand’s story with the hope of both engaging new audiences and showcasing an optimistic new narrative to tackle climate change. 

We needed to communicate how soil health is intrinsically linked to the total health of our food system. Affecting everything from plant health and human wellbeing to the future of our planet, we were tasked with conveying a positive route forward to help restore and preserve our planet for future generations.


In recent years, the alarm bells that had been ringing around the issue of climate change have become klaxons; and the beauty industry is one of the worst culprits. Davines has led the way in sustainable beauty for many years, and its commitment to ROA represents a hopeful and viable solution to tackle and stabilise the Earth’s climate.

The proof point of this commitment is their very own European Regenerative Organic Centre (EROC) based in Parma. Its 16 hectares are dedicated to research around ROA with a focus on soil biodiversity, carbon sequestration and farming education. Just as ROA is at the heart of everything Davines does, it also needed to be at the heart of all our campaign assets.


The aim of our film was to create an emotive, collaborative piece between our dancer and the natural world. It had to be as beautiful as it was powerful, to bring the conversation into a new cultural space, and make it resonate with the discerning owners and clientele of Davines salons across the world.

French choreographer and dancer, Fanny Sage, created and performed a dance in response to the environment around her – her own, personal, poetical interpretation of what it means to ‘Grow Beautiful’. Natural elements such as soil and sky became accompanying heroes of the film – dance partners alongside Fanny – a dance with nature, for nature.

A campaign film that spoke both to the fragile beauty of nature and to the important role ROA can play in helping preserve this beauty now and for future generations.

The concept sees Sage born from the soil, then slowly beginning to grow and bloom alongside the greenery surrounding her. The film highlights the fragile beauty of the natural world and is an optimistic rallying call to the rest of the beauty industry. The timing was particularly poignant, given that it was launched to coincide with Earth Month. The film also amplifies Davines’ core purpose – to foster a closer, healthier relationship between humans and nature.