The Joy of Gifting
Holiday Gifting
Concept Development
Art Direction
Asset Creation
Playbook Creation
The challenge
It seems fitting that one of our last shoots of the year was all about Christmas. Nike approached us to develop the creative for this year's Holiday Gifting campaign. The light-hearted, quirky digital campaign would extend across Nike Men, Women and Kids, and be split over seven ‘hook’ moments – from Mindful to Must-Have Gifts.
The aim
We wanted the campaign to convey the 'joy of gifting' but done 'the Nike way' –focusing on the fun, with none of the classic Christmas clichés. Our angle was that by unwrapping a Nike gift, you unwrap possibilities, potential, and motivation. These are gifts that will literally move you.
The how
Using crinkled wrapping paper as our core prop provided colour and texture to the campaign. The models were given the freedom to run, jump and have fun with each other and the set, bringing a sense of energy and human connection to the shoot.