HS Happenings: 3D Masterclass

Always a student. Senior Creative, Sylvan, went back to school recently to brush up on his design skills. He attended a three-day 3D Masterclass run by Dutch design duo, Rob & Robin, in Breda (in the South of the Netherlands). The workshop was hosted by Graphic Matters.

The workshop promised that: 'In an experimental (intuitive) way, you will explore what unusual shapes, stories and new behaviours are hidden within everyday objects. We offer an insight into our design process and show you how you can surprise yourself design-wise, using 3D software.'

Although the illustrations look like clean vectors, the origin of Rob & Robin's work often lies in the 3D software. This provides a surprising angle within the illustration landscape, and adds a new perspective to Graphic Design.

On the first day of the course, everyone tackled the basics of Cinema 4D software. On day two, they developed and then executed their own concepts, getting feedback along the way. The workshop culminated with an exhibition of all the work created, allowing time for reflection and feedback among the group.

Sylvan loved having the opportunity to extend his repertoire of design skills. They will hopefully be coming to a project near you soon...