HS Happenings: Barcelona, in numbers

Last week, three of the team dodged the rain and spent four days in sunny Barcelona for a shoot. HS Producer, Paul, shares some of his best bits, in numbers:

2-2: The final score from the epic match I got to watch at the iconic Camp Nou stadium between Barcelona and  Manchester United.
2: Of all the amazing tapas places we ate at, there were two that stood out – Bar del Pal and Espai Puntal.
3.4: The Google review rating of the 'hidden gem' restaurant that our photographer told us he’d take us to. It sucked.
12: The number of kms I averaged walking every day over the course of the tech recce and shoot.
3: The number of outfit changes Ben, our Head of Art Direction, made throughout the day on shoot day.
100: The number out of 100 that I'd rate our team on the shoot. Talent were all really lovely, crew were impeccable.