HS Happenings: Boskalis Beach Cleanup Tour

Sun, sea and socks?? Earlier this month, five members of the team drove up to Petten beach (60km outside Amsterdam) for a day at the beach, with a difference. Armed with bin bags and trash pickers, they were there as part of the Boskalis Beach Cleanup Tour.

Katinka, Philly, Ursula, Phuong and Dani covered 5km of the beach which – in a heatwave, with no dips in the sea allowed – was no mean feat.

Unsurprisingly, the biggest offender was fishing line and cigarette butts (on one day of the beach cleaning tour, the charity recorded collecting a terrifying 33,121 of them). Topping the list of the team's weird finds were a single sock, a teabag, a Christmas decoration, a load of tampons and a dead bird. Nice.