HS Happenings: Creativepool Annual 2022 Awards

Creativepool has just announced the winners of its Annual 2022 awards. Our very own Nathan Dytor (Associate CD) was asked to join the jury for the 'Social Good' award. Having scoured through an impressive 56 entries, there were two that Nathan felt really stood out. Here, he tells us a bit more about them.

The Feelings, by Niceshit
This was my favourite for a bunch of reasons. It is funny and catchy, but delivers a really serious, poignant message. It resonated with me and I ended up watching it several times for the joy it delivered.

The bits of humour were well balanced and came in at just the right time. I loved the craft and care of the animated characters and the writing is excellent.

It was made for Mental Health Awareness Week, taking inspiration from the real-life stories of NHS frontline workers and their experiences during the pandemic. It's really worth taking 2.30 mins out of your day to watch the film (at niceshit.tv/project/the-feelings/).

Staybl app, by Havas
This is very different offering to my other favourite, but is a really excellent case study of identifying a problem and coming up with a super simple solve. The most simple solve. Reducing all the other noise and just following pure clarity of thinking. It is at the intersection of tech and design thinking and I loved it.

People with hand tremors (for any reason, but using Parkinson's Disease as an example) really struggle to hold a phone or an iPad still. This makes using the internet more challenging due to the screen shaking the entire time, which in turn, makes the worlds of those people affected even smaller. Which sucks.The solution was to develop a browser that remains stable whilst the device is shaking. Simple. Simple and lovely.

Click on the link for the full list of winners.

The Feelings, by Niceshit
Staybl app, by Havas
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