HS Happenings: Food, Glorious Food

The Amsterdam restaurant scene always seems to me to be a bit schizophrenic; nothing very remarkable opens for the best part of a year, then there'll be a flurry of half a dozen exceptional looking places that pop up over a couple of months. Happily, we seem to be right in the midst of such a period now.

We are, pretty much without exception, what i would class as EATERS at HS. Food is a hot topic, and we can rarely make it past 10.30am without some kind of food-focused discussion kicking off. We even have a shared Excel document with all our latest, tastiest finds on it. So you know who to ask next time your best friend / mum / lover is in town.

In the meantime, here's a rundown of some of our favourite new openings. EET SMAKELIJK!!

Stacks Diner – The ulitmate homestyle, American cooking, but done with style (De Clercqstraat 32)

MasMais Marisqueria – for all your seafood / taco needs (Admiraal de Ruijterweg 273A)

Café Beurre – High-end vegetarian (Van Limburg Stirumstraat 115)

Cafe Restaurant Metro – Sustainable, season-led food with great natural wines (Asterweg 22)

Apollonia – Modern, delicious, waterfront dining (Kattenburgerstraat 5)

Zero Zero – Hands-down the best sandwiches in town (Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 3A)

Nu Delicatessen – Great coffee, snacks and natural wine (Tweede Egelantiersdwarsstraat 13) 

Chez Nina – 'The green brasserie' (Van Limburg Stirumplein 10 A)

Paindemie – Decadent bread-based heaven with killer cocktails on the side (Kinkerstraat 122)