HS Happenings: #GoodLife2030

To mark Earth Month, Purpose Disruptors and Creatives for Climate joined forces to rally creatives and non-creatives alike to imagine what a Good Life in 2030 would look like, and put it to paper.

The 'client' for the brief was the year 2030, which – we were told – is struggling with an image problem. People are so often bombarded with evermore terrifying jargon and stats about the climate crisis, that many are paralysed into a state of inaction either through fear or ennui. 

So, the brief for this initiative was to instead envision 2030 as a positive, fulfilling future which people can look forward to – and shape themselves. A place where people envision being better connected to themselves, to each other, and to the world around them. And who doesn't want that? Living like this would not only be preferable to people, it would also be better for human and planetary wellbeing overall. It’s a win-win.

The key messaging was to be that the Good Life in 2030 is actually just more of what you really love (and less of what you don’t.)

The team submitted a dozen poster designs sharing their own hopes for and interpretations of what a brighter future would look like.