HS Happenings: If you go down to the woods today...

The first couple of months of the year always seem the hardest. The Christmas/New Year hangover hits especially hard when the weather is relentlessly bleak and Spring still seems a looooong way away. Not to mention the fact that work has been pretty non-stop since coming back. So, our thoughtful CDs, Lee and Nathan, thought we should all get out of the office for the day. 

After a bit of a lie-in (or a gym class for the sadists) we all – plus one small addition in the form of Nathan's son, Donny – met up in the beautiful Amsterdamse Bos. The leisurely stroll actually turned into a very windy 9km walk, and it definitely blew away the office cobwebs. Armed with coffee and Chocomel, and spurred-on by a pancake pitstop halfway round, we spotted horses, cows, bison and snowdrops as we chatted about everything and nothing. We even got to feed the deer. And there can't be many things more nourishing for the soul than feeding deer.