HS Happenings: Our second workshop with The School of Life

As clued-up as many of us think we are on the subject of empathy, we don't often get the opportunity to consider what part it should play in our working environment. This workshop – our second with The School of Life – was a valuable reminder of the importance of taking the time to step back occasionally. To consider how different people in our team might respond differently to work issues, and why. To better understand others and their decisions.

The two-hour, full-team workshop was broken down into four parts: 
1. The differences between empathy and sympathy
2. Using empathy as a way of building connection and overcoming conflict
3. Using empathy in devising products and solutions that will work well for other people.
4. Practising anticipating the needs of other people

Following a series of written excercises and small group discussions, the team came away feeling a bit more open-minded, and open-hearted, with a renewed sense of the importance of being open and non-judgemental towards colleagues and clients.