HS Happenings: Two of the HS team's designs exhibited at Tate Modern

To mark Earth Month, Purpose Disruptors and Creatives for Climate joined forces to rally creatives and non-creatives alike to imagine what a Good Life in 2030 would look like, and put it to paper. The HS team submitted a dozen poster designs sharing their own hopes for and interpretations of what a brighter future would look like. 

We were stoked to be told that designs by both Lee, our CD, and Sylvan, one of our senior designers, had been selected to appear at Tate Modern. The once in a lifetime opportunity that it was, Sylvan raced off to London to see his work in situ, and attend the accompanying Purpose Disruptors Ad Summit 2023.

Here's a bit more about the entries that made it to Tate Modern:

Piece of Art, by Sylvan Hillebrand

The earth is a unique and beautiful planet that is full of natural wonders, breathtaking landscapes, and diverse ecosystems that are unparalleled in our solar system. It's an extraordinary work of art that has taken billions of years to create, and it's our responsibility to preserve its natural beauty for future generations to enjoy.

Just like a work of art, the earth is fragile and can be easily damaged by human activity. Climate change, pollution, and deforestation are just some of the ways that we're damaging the earth's delicate ecosystems and natural beauty. It's up to us to take action to protect the earth and preserve its natural beauty.

Here, by Lee Boulton

The weeds will still be here.
As will the shells, the gulls and the sky.
Here has been here for thousands of years.
Seven more won’t change here so much.

A good life in 2030 is ours to create.
Here we can make a date, mark our 2030 diaries.
A chance to talk of what it took to get here.
Or, like the dandelions and the nettles, just be happy being here.