Two more creatives join the fold

Another month, another two new faces in the HS office. We're excited to introduce you to Myla – a Midweight Designer, and Victoria – our latest intern. 

Myla explains her approach as being "collaborative, driven by conceptual design and a curiosity to understand the context a project exists within, and the people it exists for". She is originally from Queensland, Australia and has worked primarily on projects with a focus on health, education and advocacy. Myla is also a grafter when it comes to extracurricular activities. She loves to engage with the broader creative community through teaching, organising events, and hosting/producing on Australian Design Radio.

Victoria brings our tally of HS Swedes up to two. Hurra (as they might say). Raised in Stockholm, she is a crafty, all-round creative who has recently graduated in Motion Design and has a passion for DJ'ing. A relative newbie to Amsterdam, Victoria is excited about getting creative with HS, and bringing an intersectional viewpoint to our positive impact work.

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