Welcoming another two fresh faces to the HS team

Another month, another hire. Or two, in this case. Here's a bit about the two new friendly faces that have joined us over the last couple of weeks.

Terri is our new Senior Strategist. Hailing from NZ, she has a background in primary research, innovation and branding. Terri's been to South Africa to discuss Whisky with women, Pakistan to talk tea whitener with stay-at-home mums, and Mexico City to speak about sustainability with consumers. Terri's looking forward to joining HS in inspiring brands to make positive, lasting change.

Our new Junior Creative, Valentina, grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. A recent graduate from Amsterdam Fashion Institute (where she studied branding), Valentina delved into her passion for art direction and storytelling while she was there (and won a D&AD New Blood pencil in the process). Her work is informed by her interest in contemporary fashion and culture.

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