Ride Your Next
75th Anniversary
Campaign Concept
Art Direction
Content Creation
Social & Digital Content
Integrated Production
The challenge
Celebrate Lapierre's 75th Year, by launching their Anniversary Special Edition pinnacle collection of Road, MTB & ATV ranges.
The aim
Technology and materials may change, becoming ever more refined, but throughout the 75 years of Lapierre's existence their aim has remained the same, to celebrate the experience, energy and essence of cycling in all its forms.
The how
Don't focus on components and material advancements, but visually explore the exhilaration, speed, fluidity, aggression, freedom and what makes cycling, cycling. Using emotive sound design, colours, textures and form to represent the three unique riding experiences of the Lapierre Anniversary Special Edition collection.
Cycling is a big part of the future. It has to be. There's something wrong with a society that drives a fossil fuelled vehicle to workout in a gym.