Building a brand for a critical issue
United Against Malnutrition & Hunger
An Alliance for Global Action
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The challenge
Create from scratch a unique identity, name and brand strategy for a new UK-wide organisation fighting global malnutrition and hunger.
The aim
To build a brand that would encourage the UK Government to use its extensive knowledge and expertise to put this critical issue firmly back on the agenda. To raise the political profile of the alliance and encourage long-term action.
The how
We had to develop a tone of voice that was at once British and global, human and official, caring and pragmatic. And establish a distinct point of view that could be clearly understood by all, from politicians and scientists to journalists and business leaders.

The severe impact and lasting effects of malnutrition and hunger around the world are well known. We were tasked with supporting a new alliance in the UK to tackle this problem, head-on.

Ultimately, the aims and ambitions of the organisation needed to chime with senior opinion-shapers and decision-makers within the UK Government to ensure that the issue – which has slipped off the agenda in recent years – regains its place firmly back on the agenda. Historically, the UK had been one of the key players in the fight against global malnutrition, and UAMH wants to lead the charge to get them back on top and, ultimately, ensure that every person in the world has access to nourishing food.


The idea of bringing people together was at the very heart of the alliance’s intentions, so this formed the basis of everything we did – always seeking to highlight that malnutrition and hunger can only be defeated if we are united. In so doing, we needed to ensure that at all times there was a distinct point of view that could be clearly understood by all; whether in a formal situation or a humanitarian one, whether speaking to a politician, scientist, journalist or business leader.


Our challenge was to champion unity and bring people and ideas together. The UAMH brand we helped to build needed to be at once British and global, human and official, caring and pragmatic.

This began with the creation of three solid pillars – why we exist, how we plan to work together, and what we hope to achieve. Once these were in place, we helped set the tone – to be professional not preachy, compelling not critical, inspiring not negative. 

The central idea behind the logo was to highlight the ‘U’ of ‘United’ as a key branding element. Turning the most important word and value of the alliance into a monogram. 

The logo and resulting colour scheme for the brand are a nod to the UK’s national flag. The British link is obvious even to someone unfamiliar with the brand.

Combined with open and clear typography, and optimistic, emotive imagery, we were able to establish a trusted and respected brand personality. Ultimately, it needed to be a brand fit to fulfil the lofty ambition of a world where no child dies from malnutrition, and all people have the food they need to grow, thrive and contribute fully to the development of their societies.