Exploring the natural ingredients and flavours that make Seedlip the original Alcohol-Free-Spirit.
Campaign Film
Creative Strategy
Campaign Film
Social Media
Product Photography
Art Direction
The challenge
Explain what Seedlip is and how to drink it whilst powerfully communicating taste.
The aim
Make Seedlip the ultimate positive drinking choice. Bring clarity to a confused category.
The how
Use Seedlip’s most recognisable brand asset to tell stories of taste, flavour and occasion.

Taking you on our first visceral journey from Seed to Lip. This film, directed by multi Emmy award-winning director Jonathan Jones – whose past work includes BBC’s Planet Earth II – focuses on the brand’s connection to nature, as well as its premium quality, taste.

A drink for the curious free-thinker.

Seedlip’s ethos is rooted in nature. Even its name is taken from old farming baskets called seedlips. From the carefully sourced botanicals to how Seedlip brings its brand to life, Seedlip is informed & inspired by nature.

Our creative solution centred around using their most valuable, recognisable but under used asset as the vehicle for the film. The characters provided us with the window into the natural flavour experience. From there we explored the literal flavour moments alongside the more abstract emotive experience moments. Ultimately resolving in the character as a representation of a journey through the product.