PUMA x Foot Locker
Exotek Nitro
360 Campaign
Creative Direction
Art Direction
The challenge
To land the PUMA Exotek Nitro as an exclusive sneaker at Foot Locker Europe and introduce Memphis Depay as its multi-faceted lead ambassador.
The aim
To showcase the duality of the Exotek with its soft interior and structural exterior, and it's directional sport-meets-lifestyle design.
The how
A 360 campaign focused on a unique product which is firmly rooted in self expression and embracing the different sides of yourself.

We were asked by PUMA to create a 360 campaign to launch the PUMA Exotek sneaker as a Foot Locker exclusive across Europe. But what makes this sneaker so special? It's the Nitro foam technology. Already existent in PUMA's running shoes, the Exotek Nitro range is breaking the mould for the brand by moving this technology into more of a lifestyle space.

The product is at a higher price point than usual for Foot Locker stores and is available in smaller quantities, so the campaign collateral had to have an elevated look and feel, which would convey a sense of exclusivity.


The PUMA Exotek is targeted at sneakerheads who flex every side of themselves. Wrapped in a structural ‘cage’ inspired by the human ribcage, the sneaker's futuristic external design provides stability and is balanced out by its Nitro technology foam sole, which focuses on comfort and performance with every wear.

As such, the Exotek Nitro is a celebration of duality. The campaign messaging needed to encourage Foot Locker consumers to flex all aspects of their personality and embrace their contradictions. 


As well as launching the sneaker, we were also tasked with introducing PUMA's lead Exotek ambassador, Memphis Depay. His multi-faceted personality – aspirational yet down-to-Earth; hard exterior with a soft core – echoes the duality of the shoe.

At an emotional level, the campaign seeks to engage those who, like the footballer, are passionate about self-expression through fashion. Inspired directly by Memphis’s personal style, it celebrates those who are proud to share their many sides.

Our campaign story revolves around drawing parallels between the design language of the shoe and the different facets of Memphis's character – his passions as an athlete, artist and philanthropist all had to be playfully reflected in the campaign, coming to life through the bold imagery, motion and collage treatments.

Our creative offered an elevated depiction both of Memphis and the product to position the PUMA Exotek as a premium lifestyle shoe. At the same time, we wanted to ensure that our final output was also playful and light-hearted, in-keeping with Memphis's personality.

Taking inspiration from the product, we created an immediately recognisable visual signature rooted in the design features of the shoe itself. We incorporated and playfully explored the organic shapes of the cage design throughout the campaign creative, from OOH to the hero film.

Our campaign deliverables were set against three channels: OOH, retail and social. For all of these channels, we delivered elevated, high-end creative assets, befitting of the sneaker's exclusivity. The organic social assets had a much simpler User Generated Content style to complement the exisiting Foot Locker social tonality. Candid BTS content added further authenticity to Foot Locker channels.