The Art of Discovery
Limited Edition Canopies
The challenge
In order to drive repeat business from existing stroller owners, Bugaboo tasked us with creating a limited edition, eye-catching range of prints that would feature on their e-com site. Bugaboo encourages parents to explore the outdoors and to see things differently. The patterns we delivered needed to echo this whilst simultaneously reflecting current design trends.
The aim
Our approach was to infuse our patterns with an element of discovery. The bold, eye-catching patterns felt fun and energetic but also adult and fashion-forward.
The how
Our first design was inspired by the ever-changing natural world. Each time you use your Bugaboo, you spot something new hidden within the design, from birds and foxes to butterflies and ladybirds. For the second design, we worked with Dutch artist, Jordy van den Nieuwendijk. The result was a colourful set of scribbles and arrows, pointing in different directions and nodding to the theme of exploration and discovery.