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The challenge
To create evergreen assets for Nike's Must Win Six franchise at Intersport. Cut through running jargon and support the everyday runner to find the right shoe for them using a graphic system that can live across updated seasonal imagery.
The aim
Create a campaign that simply communicates product feel (e.g. 'cushioning' or 'springy') as opposed to product technology.
The how
A product-focused campaign with crafted hero product imagery and a simple, playful iconographic framework targeted at the everyday runner.

We were asked to develop a campaign for the Nike Must Win Six shoe pack – consisting of the Pegasus, Winflo, Infinity, Vomero, Invincible and Structure models – in black and white colourways.

This campaign was not about competitive, performance running; it was about the everyday runner who runs locally, alone or with friends. The runner who does it for fun as well as fitness; whose priority is mental health, not miles. As such, we needed to develop an easy to understand, jargon-free comms approach which focused on the respective shoe benefits and product feel, rather than overwhelming technical details. 

Crucially, our concept needed to easily co-exist alongside Nike’s own visuals and language without contradicting it.


To educate the ‘everyday runner’ on which shoe best suits their running needs, we concentrated on the core running benefits and product feel of each shoe (e.g. 'cushioning' or 'springy') rather than technical details.

Our approach was to build a bite-sized, easily understood graphic system that could be rolled out over numerous campaigns in the future. We mixed crafted studio imagery with playful iconography to highlight the benefits of each model. 

The images, with their tarmac backdrop, reference the shoes' core usage: road-running. The iconography we developed is reflected in the background of each shot, and the positioning of the shoes echoes its benefit – versatile, cushioned, stable, or springy.

The imagery was a grittier, less polished take on Nike's ususal studio-based beauty photography. But the aesthetic remained in-keeeping with the seasonal on-body photography of linked campaigns for Intersport x Nike Running.


Our imagery and graphic system is being used across Intersport social assets and on screen instore right across Europe.

We also produced a full campaign playbook for the campaign assets explaining their use and composition across all Intersport territories. This guideline document takes in asset use across campaign phases, typography and graphic systems, crops and online / physical retail implementation.