Future over Past
Optimistic Futurism
Brand Strategy
Campaign Strategy
Art Direction (advisory)
The challenge
We were asked to create a global brand campaign for PANGAIA that communicated that they are more than ‘just another sustainable brand’, and to position them as a leader in the world of apparel and innovation.
The aim
Our approach for this project was to position PANGAIA as a brand that is solutions-focused. A brand that’s removing the barriers of the past, and looking to a more sustainable future. Tasked with leading ideation and strategy, HS helped the brand find the right narrative for the campaign.
The how
We developed a campaign called ‘Optimistic Futurism’ putting products in the spotlight and delivering messages of positive change with simple, bold headlines, supporting copy and product shots. By putting thought-provoking messaging at the campaign's core, the aim was to stimulate further conversation around sustainability and material science. Nothing to hide, all to show. True transparency.